Tackling Racial Inequality in the Workplace

Business coach, trainer and facilitator Lorenzo Jones recently joined award-winning industry colleague Sue Hawkes in a conversation devoted to issues of race and inequality, especially in the corporate world.

Part of the Intentional Greatness series,  the “Inciting Change in American Society” podcast responds to current conflicts and heightened civil unrest with the acknowledgment that enough is enough.

“It’s time to invite people into the heart of transformation and create positive change.”
Link to podcast on tackling racial inequality in the workplace with Lorenzo Jones

As Sue said, “We often overlook the wide variety of worldviews that surround us when we are a part of the majority. In companies made up of predominantly white employees, people forget that it is an entirely different experience for employees of other ethnicities.”

“It’s not acceptable,” Lorenzo says, “and in my work, I ensure that all voices get heard.”

The podcast shares Lorenzo’s insight, understanding and action on topics that include:

  • Why people are moved to take a personal stand on social injustice
  • Transformative ways businesses are doing their part
  • Why it’s okay to be uncomfortable
  • His experience growing up Black in America
  • How to honor the worldviews of those around you
  • How to have open dialogs about inequality
  • Advice for people who want to incite change

Hear the entire podcast for hopeful steps to creating a more broadly workable and welcoming America.

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