Daniel Eilerman

Daniel Eilerman, Asst. County Administrator

County of Marin
, San Rafael, Calif.

“Lorenzo gets issues quickly and instinctively”
I recently sought team-building assistance with Lorenzo for a small, new group of high achievers with extremely varied backgrounds and personalities. Lorenzo gets issues quickly and instinctively, allowing him to move to assessment and resolution. He worked with the entire team and individuals, and they reported how much they enjoyed the engagement. I see firsthand how the team works cohesively.

Ehab Sweis

Ehab Sweis, Entrepreneur

Dallas, Texas

"High degree of expertise“
Lorenzo conducted training and recruiting for a new market launch in the Bay Area. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise due to his robust experience with national retailers. His style is open and inviting and he willingly gave sound advice that impacted the business. I certainly would recommend him.


Madeline Schaider, Your Marin Realtor

Living Marin, Corte Madera, Calif.

“He understands people“

Lorenzo is a genius at marketing! He really homed in on the key aspects of our business to identify our brand better—all in an effective and timely manner. He is inspirational, stays on target, and motivated us to implement our marketing strategy. He understands people first, which is his biggest asset. I would highly recommend him.

Henry Bankhead, Asst. Library & Recreation Director

Henry Bankhead, Asst. Library & Recreation Director

City of San Rafael, San Rafael, Calif.

“Lorenzo got to the heart of important issues“
Lorenzo worked with our department on an all-staff retreat and got to the heart of the important issues that we were grappling with as an organization. One lasting effect is the basic idea of the ability of individuals, including myself, to show up differently at work and, by extension, the ability to tell people that they need to show up differently.


Sara Pirahanchi, Principal

Pir Architecture, Inc.
, Richmond, Calif

“Provides long-lasting solutions“

I instantly clicked with Lorenzo which helped me trust him. He showed me how to clarify business and personal issues to myself and find the right solutions. I learned it’s OK to share vulnerability with the right people. He provides long-lasting solutions by asking the fundamental questions that clients would not think of or try to avoid asking themselves.


Frances Ouellette, Vice President Construction Mgmt.

Steadfast Companies,
 Newport Beach, Calif.

“Created a successful cohesive team“
Lorenzo Jones has been hired by BRE to guide managers and their teams through challenges team members face with colleagues and customers. He successfully bridged the gaps in each of the regional teams through his coaching techniques and team building workshops. The impact of his coaching has resulted in creating a successful cohesive team.

Loren Schaffzin

Loren Schaffzin, Senior Marketing Manager

Genentech, South San Francisco, Calif.

“Great impact over all areas of my life“
When I enlisted Lorenzo to help me clarify career goals, little did I know the great impact he would have over all areas of my life. He armed me with countless tools to help through life's trials and events. Lorenzo is bright, perceptive, compassionate yet tough. He’ll push you. He walks the talk and lives life with ease and elegance. I admire him as a coach, as a person and a friend.


Aaron Alarcon-Bowen, Executive Director

IHSS Public Authority, San Rafael, Calif.

“Very tangible results”
Working with Lorenzo has been one of the highlights of my career, with very tangible results. I can already see the positive effect it has had on my communication style and delivery. As a person of color in a leadership position, I couldn’t ask for a better coach, someone who understands my struggles and challenges. Though my personal coaching has ended, I plan to utilize Lorenzo to help me with staff development.


Jack D, Founder & CEO

Gliding Eagle, American Canyon, Calif.

“Deep spiritual and mindful insights“

I chose to work with Lorenzo because of his energy and intentions—and the clear communications. I became very aware of my responsibilities in life. For example, why not me (to do this important thing)? And, leadership is not about power, but using authenticity to enroll others to join me. I was surprised by the deep spiritual and mindful insights I got from working with Lorenzo.


Rick Gabrielsen, Area Vice President

Hilton Hotels, Denver, Colorado

“Results and progress were outstanding“
I am very pleased Lorenzo coached our general manager. The results and progress in the three months were outstanding. Lorenzo's ability to balance personal awareness, humor and accountability was exceptional. We will continue to work with Lorenzo in our organization! 


Jennifer Golbus, Principal

Golbus Communications, San Rafael, Calif.

“Results are confidence and clarity”
Lorenzo’s unique approach is simultaneously heart-centered, and action and results oriented. I trust him and feel comfortable being vulnerable with him. The results are confidence—in my abilities as a marketing professional, as a manager, and in my ability to expand my team and client base. And clarity—learning to assess my team members’ skills, play to their strengths, communicate clearly with them, and hold myself accountable.


Marlon Washington, Chief Probation Officer

Marin County, Calif.

“Our culture has changed”
My goal is to create a work environment and culture centered on trust, accountability and effective communication. Lorenzo is an experienced executive leadership coach who understands the nuances of government work and knows how to support our team in creating a collaborative work environment. Our culture has changed and his support has allowed individuals to “unpack” items that were barriers to department success.

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