About Lorenzo Jones

Lorenzo has spent 25 years helping people evolve, grow and succeed. He brings a broad business background to his coaching, training and development services.

Strengthening teams and individuals

Lorenzo has partnered with hundreds of individuals and organizations across the US, helping C-suite leaders, board members and teams reach new levels of achievement.

His clients come from government, nonprofit, telecom, financial, transportation, tech and other industries. They range from Levi Strauss and Nike to the County of Marin and LA Metro.

He is a compassionate and intuitive communicator, with an ability to truly hear, connect with and motivate clients.

“Fear or limiting beliefs can be the biggest barrier to success,” says Lorenzo. “My passion is unlocking a client’s greater potential by helping them identify, break through and discover new beliefs about themselves. Everyone needs someone cheering them on.”

The path from manager to coach, trainer and facilitator

A natural leader, Lorenzo managed his first team at age 22. He ran a $5 million business with a staff of five, all older than he was. He continued to develop his management and leadership skills as he led teams of different sizes for a variety of products and services.

Lorenzo discovered his love for developing talent when he experienced personal transformational trainings for himself. When he accompanied his mentors to Ghana and assisted with their work, he became convinced the field was right for him. 

He started as a life coach, then realized he could blend his business experience and coaching expertise to impact more people, both individually and within organizations. 

On the personal side

Lorenzo has been inspired by the wisdom and strength of his grandparents, his great-grandfather’s entrepreneurism and his mother’s nurturing spirit and work ethic.

He grew up in the Midwest and came to California for adventure and college. Now living in the San Francisco area, Lorenzo enjoys being outdoors and cycles whenever he can. Also a travel buff, his bucket list includes an African safari.

Lorenzo is happiest when he’s interacting with people and loves to host gatherings at home with his wife. An avid cook, he’s known for his Italian and barbecue dinners and healthy cuisine. When not entertaining at the house, he often speaks at community events and workshops.

Numbers tell the story

Here’s a quick look at some of our clients’ representative results:

  • During a three-year engagement, we helped a 450-employee Southern California distribution company boost sales by 27% and profits by 32%.
  • A publicly traded company had turnover problems in their salesforce. Through assessments and training, in three years we helped them drop turnover from 31% to less than 6%.
  • An electrical contractor missed their annual revenue goals for 5 years running. Our Strategy Management for Teams program led 17 department leaders and executives in creating and tracking 51 goals for one year, resulting in 15% higher revenue and profits up 18%.

We have a variety of programs and tools to help you achieve your most ambitious objectives. Read on and see if one sounds just right. More likely though, you’ll want to contact us and discuss your needs so we can match the right program to you and your situation. Contact us and we’ll set up a get-acquainted chat.



• Ontological Mindfulness Coaching, Minnesota
• Profile XT Select, Authorized Partner



• San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, Board Chair
• Boys/Girls Club of Marin & Sonoma Counties,
past board member
• Marin Women’s Hall of Fame,
past board member

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